Meeting Structure

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Meetings are held weekly

        on Friday morning for breakfast at 6.45am. There are two exceptions:

  • Dinner Meeting – 2nd Thursday evening of the month at 6.00pm
  • Vocational Visit – 5th Friday of the month

Meetings are structured as follows:

  • Regular Meeting – Breakfast Meeting twice a month as per calendar with the following format (See Appendix 1 – Run Sheet):
    • Roster includes – Chair, Duty Officer, Vote of Thanks and Sergeant at Arms (See Appendix 2 - List of Duties)
    • 3 min Speaker - Chair - any topic
    • Comments from the President and Club Committee Chairs in relation to what is happening in the club
    • Sergeant Session – gold coins and a thick skin mostly required
    • Guest Speaker on a wide range of topics (15-20 mins)
  • Club Assembly – Once a month, members meet as Club Committees to enjoy fellowship and a meal whilst discussing current issues in relation to the goals set by each particular committee.
  • Social Meeting – On the 2nd Thursday of each month, members and partners meet for dinner to enjoy a time of fellowship and fun. No formal agenda is set although the Chair is still responsible for the proceedings.
  • Vocational Visit – 5th Friday as per calendar – meeting held at another venue


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