Rotary District 9620 has arrived

That’s what 9620 is – a merge of two strong and successful Rotary Districts joining together to start the journey of DOING MORE and GROWING MORE.

It’s interesting that in a year when our Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta asks that we take on that mantra – we’re having the chance to live it every day of this our inaugural year.

We’re expanding clubs that will and can work more closely together, we’re growing in our ability to see more broadly across the District and therefore respond more quickly to our communities.

From the privileged position I’ve enjoyed of being inside both 9600 and 9630 for the past few years I’ve been regularly amazed by the surprises that clubs and their members give as they undertake their service and grow in fellowship. We’re now at the cusp when we can build on all that has been great, develop further where we need to and be proud of the passion that both Districts radiate.

Take the opportunity to learn and coexist with clubs that are new to you, ask other clubs to share their experiences and be open in sharing yours.

I look forward to seeing you – in person or on-line in this our charter year.


Wendy Protheroe

Charter District Governor (2021 - 2022)

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