History of the Rotary Club of Toowoomba Garden City

Late during 1985 the then District Governor Nev Easton approached PP Ron Smith of the Rotary Club of West Toowoomba to be his special representative to form a breakfast club in Toowoomba. Soon after this meeting Ron was appointed DGN 1987-88. One of the criteria for the new club was that no Rotarians were to come from any of the other clubs in Toowoomba. The sponsor club would be the Rotary club of Toowoomba.

The following are the minutes of the first planning meeting held at Rotary House on 6th January 1986 at 7.30 pm.

Those present: District Governor Nev Easton, District Governor Special Representative Ron Smith, Extension Committee (District), Harry Driver, Bert Townsend, Ross Arnold, Alvin Huth, Prospective members, Richard Smith, Garry Skirving, Phillip Collins and Alex Burrell.

Rotary was explained, classifications explained, – questions answered.

34 names of men who it was thought may be interested were submitted, these were divided into four groups. Harry Driver, Ross Arnold, Alvin Huth and Ron Smith each taking several names of men to be interviewed and invited to attend the second planning meeting.

Resolved to hold second planning meeting at Rotary House on Friday 14th February, 1986 at 7.00 am.

At the second planning meeting held at Rotary House on 14th February, 1986 it was suggested that a minimum of twenty men was required to charter a Rotary Club with the ideal membership commencing with twenty-five.  Seven am was retained as the best commencement time.

The first breakfast meeting was the planning meeting held on the 14th February, 1986 at Rotary House. PP Ron Smith chaired the meeting and Ray Taylor took the position of Secretary.  Six Rotarians and seven prospective members attended.

On the recommendation of Chairman Ron it was decided to set a date of 21st March 1986, as the date for the inaugural meeting of the club as a Provisional Club. 15 members were required before application can be made to Rotary International for Charter, however, a membership of 25 was suggested as being desirable.  Quite a few nominations were now required prior to the Provisional Meeting and existing members advised Chairman Ron of quite a few prospects.

Nominations for positions were called and the following were accepted.  President Noel Stephenson, Secretary Mel Becker, Treasurer Peter McInnis, Club Service Doug Welshe, Community Service Matthew Jones, International Service Trevor Fiedler and Vocational Service Chris Johansson.

The club chartered on the 19th June 1986.